To Love Somebody (2014) – Proscriptions review

Ben Rider’s first feature film, ‘To Love Somebody’, which is currently available on DVD and VOD, had a new review written for it by Proscriptions.
An extract of the review is below-
“Rider wanting to express his feelings, had also in his mind the effort to make the spectators feel too. If this was doomed as a prosecuted intention, this condemnation can only elucidate both the grandeur and the unworthiness of the human impasse. This is the reason why Rider’s actors look like marionettes on his hands: the heroes they impersonate are also marionettes on the hands of an ill-fated destiny. What is being suggested against this destiny is love, to love somebody, as much as Ben Rider loves cinema. Yet, the human condition can possibly be narrated only as a story of hyporcrisy.”
“It is indeed through an illustration of the possible meaning of a failure that the film succeeds not as much as a study on human nature, but rather as a study on the nature of the cinematic art itself. Of course, a value that insists οn its indefinability betrays either the significance of its hypostasis or the insignificant anxiety at least of the object of its attachment… Overall, To Love Somebody stands defenceless in its potentially ambiguous interpretation as it should, and what is to be expected in the future is not a contingent vindication by the later work of its director since his first feature film is already a kind of artistic verdict and thus a challenge for the daring spectator to be both its martyr and juror.”

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