‘Seven Devils’ reviewed

Seven Devils is a genuine example of skill and inventiveness, coupled with a remarkable script, brilliant performances and an overall satisfying anthology with a unified feel.”

Seven Devils is a well written, beautifully shot anthology that will keep you intrigued throughout the entire 97 minute run-time. The film was creative, fun, thrilling and surprisingly original.”

“Is sobering and sorrowful… Fans of supernatural and spiritual thematic material, and of the seven deadly sins in particular, might get a lot out of Seven Devils

“All in all, a unique film from a burgeoning filmmaker. I look forward to more of Ben Rider’s films.”

Seven Devils wins at the Nevada International Film Festival

Seven Devils, Ben Rider’s second feature, has won the Silver Screen award at the Nevada International Film Festival. The film is set to be released on DVD and VOD in 2016.

Interested in seeing the film ahead of then? Contact The Monkey Bread Tree in South East London (UK) at eating(at)themonkeybreadtree.com and enquire about their occasional private screenings of the film.


Streaming on Amazon Instant Video

ToLoveSomebody_Amazon_0001_Layer 7To Love Somebody is now streaming on Amazon Instant Video.

For details about Amazon Instant Video compatible players, please visit here for a comprehensive list.

Please note that the film is only currently available on Amazon Instant Video in certain areas around the world.

The DVD however, sold by Amazon.com, can be ordered and watched in most regions (please note it is an NTSC copy of the film). There is also the international release of the film on Vimeo on demand.