Upcoming Projects

Current slate:

2018 Suburban Coffin (filming)

Feature, runtime undetermined
The Devil, disguised as an insurance salesman, appears in the suburbs of London.

2018 Here Be Dragons (filming)

Feature, runtime undetermined
Plot-line undisclosed. Focuses on home invasions.

2017 Open Thought Podcast (filming)

Feature, runtime undetermined
Plot-line undisclosed. Focuses on the loss of the individual in politics. 

2017 Blood and Bones (filming)
Feature, runtime undetermined
An eight part anthology centered on unethical behavior in a hyper-contemporary society.
Collaborative feature film with Xavier Baeyens, (award winning director of Berlin Virgin and Crowbar Vigilante, both of which were written by Rider)
2017 Our Little Haven (completed)
Feature, 1hr53mins
A group of people become interconnected by their shared memories, mirrored lives and consciousness.

Starring Annabelle Lanyon (Oona in Ridley Scott’s ‘Legend’) and Liam Joseph.
For more details, and information on past work, please visit IMDb.

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