Production Consultant

I have, over the years, consulted in the following areas for various filmmakers and productions:


– concept development,
– scriptwriting process,
– refinement of ideas/script,
– pre-production,
– budgeting in micro-budget,
– finding the right cast and crew project,
– production review (how to fix issues or improve the process during a nightmare production),
– post-production issues,
– film release,
– festival submissions
– and career goals/development.


My consultation is positive, forward-thinking, un-complicated and most importantly goal-oriented. This is all to help guide each filmmaker to fulfil their own potential.


Packages are currently determined by time bookings – see form below for more details. For other more robust options please contact me at ben[at] with what you need.


Please note: I am unable to become directly involved in your project – I am simply offering to help review it and/or see how I would advise you to proceed with it. Consider me part cheerleader part advice giver.


Best wishes,