Sequence 01.Still058Benjamin A. Rider was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. At the age of three he moved to South Africa for a year, and then onto Israel for most of his childhood before moving to London, England.

In 2012, whilst studying at Queen Mary University of London, he produced his first professional short film, Aquarius’ Mule (2013). That summer he filmed the micro budget feature film To Love Somebody (2014), which was edited as he completed his BA Hons in Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London.

He has since completed the genre-bending anthology Seven Devils (2015), the drama Forever Tomorrow (2016), and a faux Shakespeare film, More Strange Than True (2016).

He has recently shot a collaborative feature with Xavier Baeyens, called Blood and Bones (2017). And completed the shoot on Our Little Haven (2017), which took 14 months to film in CinemaScope.

Check out Ben Rider’s film awards body, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards, where he works as Festival Director. Read Midlands Movies‘ Spotlight on Ben Rider.

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